Thursday, June 17, 2010

Come along with us...

Come along with us as we drive up a long, gravel road. After a few yards, we come to a small crest and wind left and then right as we pass a large, grassy knoll. Continue down a small dip in the road past acres of woods with both established and yet to be forged walking trails. Follow the road upward and bear left to a 1 ½ acre clearing, surrounded by trees. Pause for a moment and take in the peaceful surroundings. To the left is an inviting site for a future in- ground swimming pool. To the right, a small garden beckons to be planted. Further on the left is the location of a large playground. The future labyrinth of tunnels and mazes end in a variety of unexpected joys that delight both children and adults alike. Opposite, on the right, looms a mountain that waits to reveal itself as the summer fades into autumn and the colorful leaves carpet the ground below. Towards the end of the clearing is a grassy area awaiting games of volleyball and capture the flag, and culminating in a point in the shape of a candle flame which is a beautiful setting for weddings and other special events. Nestled in the midst of the clearing is a large custom built brick home. Take the walkway on the left around to the front of the home shaped like an H. Go up the wide brick steps to the front porch and open the large, wooden door. Step into the gracious open floor plan which is designed to provide hospitality to large groups as well as small. Welcome to God’s newest gift to Harvest Church. Located in Strawberry Plains, this gift is minutes away from Cherokee Lake and the Millertown and Washington Pike shopping areas. The short drive for most Harvest Church families and a private, serene setting make it an easily accessible and relaxing retreat.
Acting in faith, we have put in a contract for this beautiful property and home. Please join us in prayer for the quick sale of our current home near or at the asking price. We anticipate taking possession of our new home in mid-August, and after a few days of painting and cleaning will move our things to our new home which we have the honor of stewarding.
We invite you to come often, and bask in the presence of God. Renew, Refresh, Revitalize, and Restore as you spend time alone or with your loved ones at Harvest’s new blessing.

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